Lakeview Summer Institute

July 27-28, 2009
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Resources for presentations from Shelley Paul

Sessions 1 & 2: Monday 8:35-9:35 / 9:40-10:40

Web 2.0 Tools for Visual Learners: Timelines, Concept Maps, Image Makers and More...

Explore a sampling of free (and fun!) online tools to support visual learning styles, including Timetoast, Wordle, Gliffy, Pikistrips and more...

Sessions 3 & 4: Monday 10:45-11:45 / 12:20-1:20

100 Million Photos: Getting the Most from Flickr Creative Commons Collection

Learn how CreativeCommons licensing allows you and your students to use and adapt others' works to support your teaching, learning and creativity. We'll explore Flickr CreativeCommons, which has over 100 million images, as well as some cool Flickr tools and toys to make the most of this amazing resource.

Sessions 7 & 8: Tuesday 8:35-9:35 / 9:40-10:40

Box the Web: Using SimplyBox as a Collaborative Research and Resource Organizer

SimplyBox allows users to easily clip, annotate, collect, organize and share any part of any webpage (such as a specific image or snippet of text) for information gathering, research and sharing. Results are organized visually and make citing sources a breeze. Multiple users can collaborate on building shared "boxes."

Sessions 9 & 10: Tuesday 10:45-11:45 / 12:20-1:20

"Thanks, I Needed That!" Web 2.0 Tools for Getting Things Done

Explore a fantastic collection of free, helpful web-based tools that increase your productivity, such as file converters, PDF makers, online file storage and sharing, list makers and project planners, calendars, URL shorteners, research aids and reminder services.

Resources for presentations from Nneka Robinson

Creating Powerful Podcasts (Links to K12learning20 - Shelley Paul)

Take advantage of free tools that can allow you and your students to record sound- and sight-rich podcasts that can enrich the learning, revision, review, and assessment experience, all artfully disguised as entertainment.

DimDim: Your FREE Virtual Classroom

Web Conferencing that just works.DimDim delivers live synchronized presentations, whiteboards, and webpages while sharing video and voice with no downloading. Your FREE virtual classroom is here.

It's Delicious: Getting Started and Doing More with Social Bookmarking(Links to k12learning20 - Shelley Paul)

Get a taste of, a popular social bookmarking site that allows internet users to store all of their saved websites online. You will explore some introductory tools of and then create your own account.

Get Connected: Skype Brings the World to Your Classroom

Bring in the experts! Connect with schools and students around the world to experience real time interactive learning. Skype is a free internet phone service that allows you to use your computer to make audio, video and conference calls anywhere around the world.