Plugging-in: Leveraging Technology for Student Engagement

Shelley Paul, Woodward Academy / AATE
German 3-4 Thursday 1:45 - 2:45

Session Description

Engaged students demonstrate deeper understanding, better retention of content, and more successful transference of their learning to new contexts. Reviewing key engagement concepts from Phillip Schlechty's "Working on the Work," and touching on Dan Pink's "Drive," the presenter will share innovative examples and simple ways teachers can leverage technology to increase student engagement. Twitter summary of this presentation: "To engage students, let them create content that matters and contributes. Use digital tools to connect them constructively to the world."

Session Slides

What is Engagement?

"Engaged learning represents the level in which students are actively involved in the learning process. Are they merely reporting back distilled information to the teacher or are they involved in identifying a problem and finding a solution that possesses both personal and social importance. Engaging the learner extends beyond simple compliant behavior, but moves the learner toward active involvement in the classroom. Students generating their own essential questions relating to the content is one measuring stick used to determine the amount of engagement in a classroom." - Chris Moersch, LoTiGuySpeaks

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