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What is Web 2.0?

A popular synonym for "Web 2.0" is the "Read/Write" web, which suggests that users are contributing, creating and collaborating rather than just consuming web content. "Web 1.0" or the "Read-Only" web was a place where the average user didn't publish content, because it required technical knowledge (HTML and other programming code) and money (to purchase server space and software). Web 2.0 tools allow users to easily participate and to customize their online experiences.

At its core, Web 2.0 is about powerful Web-based technologies connecting people and ideas.

Here are a few "one-sentence" definitions of Web 2.0:
  • "It's not a web of computers, it's a web of people." - Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web
  • "Working on the Internet is the same as working on your desktop." - Sarah Bresee, Outcast
  • "Web 2.0 is the two-way web where content finds you." - Ron Rasmussen, KnowNow
  • "People doing things together on the web." - Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation
  • "The new WWW: Whatever. Whenever. Wherever." - Tom March, Educator, Inventor of WebQuests

Web 2.0 at Woodward

  • Professional Development Initiatives
    • PLP Consortium - Twenty teams from different independent schools in the the Southeast. Year-long staff development centered on shifts in pedagogy for 21st Century teaching and learning. Wiki / Ning (accessible only to members); "Lunch 2.0" team project.
    • K12 Learning 2.0 Course - Self-guided online course using the tools to teach the tools.
    • Upper School Lunch & Learn sessions
    • Podcasting Workshop with Tony Vincent
    • Guest Speakers - Will Richardson, Alan November
  • Faculty Technology Handbook (updated yearly)
  • Conference Attendance - NECC, BLC
  • Tools/Toys - iPods to select faculty, senior staff and administrators, Flip video cameras, Skype headsets and phones
  • Classroom Collaboration is KEY (one-on-one projects with teachers/classes, examples below)

Selected Classroom Projects

Elementary School

Middle and Upper School

Selected (Free!) Tools for Business/Admin

  • 30 Boxes - Calendar application that includes to-do list, phone reminders, sharing and many other features.
  • Delicious- Store and share all your bookmarks/favorites online.
  • Gliffy- Collaborative brainstoming, diagramming and visual mapping in your web browser
  • Google Docs - Use these browser-based applications to create, store, share and collaborate on text documents and spreadsheets. Import and edit existing Word or Excel files, or export to a variety of formats. Other online office suite alternatives Zoho Office, ThinkFree
  • Google Reader - Subscribe to syndicated web content (e.g. blogs, news, podcasts) and access in one location.
  • Jing - Free screencast and image capturing tool. Free online storage included.
  • Skype - Make free phone (audio or video) calls over the Internet using a microphone or headset and an optional webcam. Collaborate with up to ten users, share files, chat, and applications. Call very cheaply to "real" phones all over the world.
  • sPresent - Browser-based alternative to Powerpoint. Allows embedded media.
  • Ta-Da List - Easy to use to-do list. Add items, sort them, share them, check them off as you complete them. Share with others.
  • Wikispaces - Easily reate collaborative websites that include file attachments and embedded media. PBwiki, WetPaint
  • Writeboard- Create a collaborative document that you can share with anyone by sending them the URL and password.
    No registration necessary! Try it for yourself: http://123.writeboard.com/c3da98909d11ae9eb password = abois
  • Zamzar - Convert a variety of common file formats, including audio and video files, up to 100MB

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