Welcome to K12 Webware

This wiki contains a selection of Webware (Web 2.0, Read/Write Web) tools, examples and application ideas suitable for K-12 education. It was created to encourage and support the use of Web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning at Woodward Academy.

What is Webware?

Webware is one name for the growing collection of productivity, data-driven, and communications tools available on the web. These “Web 2.0” tools allow users to create, edit, publish and share content without any special technical knowledge or software. Web 2.0 tools create a “Read/Write” environment that encourages all users to contribute content, as opposed to the typical “Read-Only” experience of the traditional Web. Many Web 2.0 tools are collaborative and can be used in creative, meaningful ways by K-12 teachers and students.

Please note: This website is a work-in-progress. Please email shelley.paul@woodward.edu or nneka.robinson@woodward.edu if you have questions or suggestions.

General Web 2.0 Resources